AEC Social Selling

Social Selling for AEC Firms

What, exactly, is social selling? Business development techniques have changed greatly over the years as professional services firms have evolved their marketing and sales practices (in the early 1970s, architectural and engineering firms weren’t even allowed to advertise in The Yellow Pages!). Email and the Internet changed everything, and in recent years there’s been yet another revolution with the advent of social media. But how do you incorporate social media into business development? What are the best practices? Where should you have a presence? How do you find prospects and “sell” without actually selling?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will explain social selling and differentiate it from traditional sales tools.
  2. Attendees will develop effective online profiles to enhance their social selling activities.
  3. Attendees will join online groups and conversations, and provide valuable information to clients, prospects, and connectors.
  4. Attendees will generate new business opportunities for their firms based upon a robust social presence.

Presented by: Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM. Scott Butcher tackled social selling in the A/E/C industry in a series of blog posts on the Engineering News-Record website, and wrote an ebook on the topic. He incorporates social selling into his AEC Seller-Doer Training Program.