AEC Business Development Winners

How AEC Winners Embrace Business Development

“Everyone’s a marketer,” or so the adage goes. But is that really true in your firm—or even the most important aspect? In reality, focusing on marketing and business development together are what makes a firm successful.

You might be wondering: Why should we add business development to our culture when it’s not part of everyone’s job description? Because every employee needs to think about building business, no matter their role in the firm. And to think about building business, every employee must:

  • Understand what makes your firm unique
  • Espouse the brand and articulate the value proposition
  • Know how to recognize a lead when they see it
  • Understand their role in the business development (BD) process

AEC winners of tomorrow will truly embrace a firmwide business development culture to empower all employees to contribute to their firm’s BD success!

This program is a call to action to build and maintain a BD culture at your firm that leads to sharing ideas, best practices, and resources for driving BD. You’ll learn how to grow your organization and become more valuable to your existing clients. A BD audit and gap analysis will also be shared as well as tips on matching every member of your team with their BD skillset.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize industry and client trends driving the need for a firmwide BD culture 
  • Audit practices to determine how your business development culture currently stacks up at your firm 
  • Prepare actionable steps to elevate the BD skills of employees within your firm through training and education 
  • Identify the potential gaps within your firm that are preventing implementation of a firmwide business development culture

Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM is one of the architecture, engineering, construction and environmental industry’s leading authorities on business development and the seller-doer model. He’s presented about AEC business development approaches throughout the United States, and led several SMPS research efforts about how firms are conducting business development. This program was originally developed as a national webinar for SMPS.