AEC Business Development – The Decade Ahead

What trends are emerging that will impact and change how business development is conducted in the coming years? What BD tactics are effective? What are owners looking for? Do owners want seller-doers or is there a role for non-technical business developers? What has changed in the dynamic between the A/E/C firms and owners? This presentation will include an overview of the research and expert analysis of the findings published in the SMPS Foundation book, A/E/C BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – The Decade Ahead.

Presented by: Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM. Scott is past president of the SMPS Foundation and co-chaired / co-authored the initiative and book, coordinating 29 researcher/writers around the country. He also developed this presentation, which has now been given to more than 30 audiences around the United States – presented or co-presented by Scott fifteen times to date. He’s presented this content at local, regional, and national programs/conferences in Boston, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Raleigh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Charleston, Columbus, and other locations. He also co-authored an article about the research for Marketer – The Journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

Note: this presentation was developed for the SMPS Foundation, and companies/organizations requesting it will be asked to make a tax-deductible contribution to the organization.