Historic Properties: The Ultimate Green Buildings

The green building movement has been growing exponentially since the turn of the millennium.  Cities, counties, and even states have enacted new ordinances requiring green or LEED-certified buildings.  But until recently, little attention has been given to the inherent sustainable or “green” features of historic buildings.  Historically, buildings were built with many of the same features that are today touted as “green.”  This informative presentation reviews some surprising statistics about how environmentally-friendly new green buildings really are, dispels a few myths about the energy efficiency of older buildings, and looks at historic buildings in terms of modern sustainable features.

Presented by: Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM. Scott debuted this presentation as keynote speaker for the Historic York, Inc. Preservation Celebration and has since given it to the Rotary Clubs, builders’ groups, and the PA Statewide Conference on Heritage.