AEC Seller-Doer Culture

Establishing a Seller-Doer Culture at Your Firm

The A/E/C industry is changing and owners are now insisting upon value from the very first conversation.  This trend has led to a return to the traditional Seller-Doer model, with key technical staff increasingly being required to “catch what they eat.”  However, these professionals rarely have the training to be effective business developers, so they focus their efforts on doing work instead of getting work.  This program will focus on how to implement a firm-wide business development culture.  Topics will include client drivers, evolution of the model, definitions and roles, how to conduct a BD audit, skills and gaps, structure and accountability, training, and preferred Seller-Doer BD techniques like account mining, referrals, networking, speaking, and publishing.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will recognize client trends driving the need for technical-led sales.
  2. Attendees will utilize preferred Seller-Doer business development techniques.
  3. Attendees will prepare actionable steps to elevate the skills of Seller-Doers within their firms via training and education.
  4. Attendees will identify the potential pitfalls with the Seller-Doer model and take steps to ensure that their internal business development program becomes cultural.

Presented by Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM. Developed by Scott and William R. Long, PE, LEED AP, FSMPS, this presentation has been given seven times at local, regional, and national programs in Philadelphia, Orlando, Columbus, Baltimore, Newport News, and Atlantic City. In 2015-2016, Scott spearheaded a major research project for SMPS and SMPS Foundation, looking into how technical professionals are involved with developing new business for their firms. The research was captured in Do. Sell. Win Business. The Technical Professional and A/E/C Business Development, released in 2016.